About Our Online Weight Loss Program

About Journey to Health, Our Online Weight Loss Program

The Journey to Health program has been created for you to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle. With the guidance from your personal accountability coach, knowledge gained from weekly tips for success, and help from our meal replacement products, you are sure to achieve your goals!

Our online program has been formulated based on our successful in-house program at our five Central Illinois clinics, which have been helping people lose weight for ten years!

When you enroll in our Online Weight Loss Program, you will be given all the tools you need to succeed.

Communicate with our Expert Coaches

The staff at Journey to Health will help you stay on track during your weight loss journey. Communicate with your coach via email to discuss your weekly progress, your triumphs, and struggles, too. Frequent check-ins with your coach will help answer questions along the way and ensure greater long-term success.

Weekly Tips for Success

Get exclusive, members-only Weekly Tips for Success sent to your email on a weekly basis. Each week, a different topic is explored. Topics range between exercise, nutrition, and the behaviors that affect your relationship with food.

Meal Replacements and Snacks

Members of the Journey to Health Online Weight Loss program can purchase our Meal Replacements and High-Protein Snacks. Our Meal Replacements all meet the minimum daily requirement for protein, vitamins, and minerals and come in several flavors including puddings, soups, and bars in addition to shakes and smoothies. With such a variety in flavors and textures, there’s no reason to ever feel bored with your food options!

Meal Replacements are sold in either two- or four-week bundles and are shipped directly to you. Pick your own combination of types and flavors of Meal Replacements using our Online Store. We also feature a wide variety of high-protein, healthy snacks – great for taking on the go or having something crunchy between meals!

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*Meal Replacements & Snacks are optional and sold separately.

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