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When you’re ready to lose weight, improve your health, appearance, and lifestyle, Journey to Health is here to help.

We have developed a comprehensive non-surgical, weight loss program to help you lose weight quickly and safely. Journey to Health will teach you how to eat healthily, incorporate exercise, and change negative behaviors associated with eating.

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Browse our online store for healthy, high-protein snacks, protein bars, and specialty foods shipped directly to your door. Anyone is welcome to order our delicious snack items and Walden Farms products directly from our website!

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals
In the Journey to Health program, we will walk with you, help you be accountable, and achieve your goals.

What is PCW?

PCW stands for Physician’s Choice Wellness. We are a comprehensive non-surgical, weight loss program to help you lose weight quickly and safely. Physician’s Choice Wellness has been helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle and lose weight for ten years.

We have five locations in Central Illinois:

If you live within 30 miles of a PCW location, we encourage you to enroll in our in-house weight loss program.

Our Journey to Health program focuses on nutrition, exercise, and behavioral changes to create an overall healthy lifestyle. The program will help you make healthier choices, whether you want help losing weight or guidance for better overall wellness.

PCW Central Illinois Locations Map